marcus_farrarAntibalas shekere player and vocalist since 2005, Marcus began playing music as a teen in his hometown of Charlotte, NC.  Upon moving to NYC in 1999 while in his mid-twenties, he discovered the music of Fela Kuti, which spoke to him “in a way no other music had.” In addition to his love for afrobeat, Marcus has kept busy working on a number of diverse projects over the years, including time spent as session musician, drummer and singer at hip-hop label Koch Records, where he recorded for popular MCs such as MOP, Sizzla and Jim Jones. Furthermore, he has worked as a drummer in the Blue Man Group, Las Vegas production, as well as recorded and performed with a dynamic range of  artists, including Jon Spencer (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), Banda União Black, Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains), Patti Smith, Victor “Ticklah” Axlerod, and Vampire Weekend.